Rush 2017

We aspire to seek out the greatest leaders the incoming class has to offer. Our members have values in philanthropy, academics, athletics, and social standing. In our future members, we look for these same traits. 

This past year's associate class had 39 members, all of whom worked diligently to meet the requirements of initiation. During their associateship, they grew as brothers and as men to become some of the greatest leaders TCU has to offer.


"The reason I chose Pi Kapp was because Pi Kapps are a genuine group of guys who hold themselves to high standards and are able to have a ton of fun as well." - Griffin Whiting 

"I could tell that the actives understood how life worked. They knew how to have fun, but they also had incredible drive and aspirations that would lead them to do great things later in life. Being a pre-med student, I knew I needed to surround my self with guys who would be there for me both academically and socially. I couldn't see myself anywhere else." - Sam Baugh

"Pi Kapp is filled with guys who would make me a better man and ultimately, that is all you can ask for in a fraternity."                      - Morris Herman

"After joining Pi Kapp, members experience lifelong changes. It seems like every member of Pi Kapp develops a deep care for those with disabilities, and it really makes for an incredible journey and organization." - Jackson Heigel

If you are interested in learning more about Rushing Pi Kapp at TCU, contact Jack Mitchell at